String Pals class


Monday July 3 to Friday July 8

9 am to 12 NOON Daily

$90 registration. Scholarships for children and youth available based on need.

Start everything off with music!

Everyone welcome – all levels. Brochure coming soon. Contact us with inquiries.

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During the year String Pals brings enthusiastic younger musicians and senior members of Whispering River Community Orchestra together once a week for an hour of musical fun, camaraderie and learning. During a free one hour class the students work with their string mentor or “pal” from the orchestra under the guidance of Brenda Margaret Muller, a professional cellist and educator who created the program. Brenda is also the director of the orchestra and the Artistic Director of Ardeleana Chamber Music Society, the registered charity that founded the orchestra. The group meets Wednesdays after school at Humphrey Community Center. Students come from several local towns- Humphrey, McKellar and Parry Sound. They learn how to read and write music, and to play a string instrument while building lasting relationships with older members of the community.

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String Pals at work Judith White, an adult senior and enthusiastic participant in the classes, loves the laughter she shares with a 12 year old she coaches. She is astonished by how quickly they have learned basic scales, some simple tunes and the reading of music. Local Thai Masseur Cassie Horley works one on one with a cello student, showing them how to balance with an instrument by standing on one leg and playing her viola at the same time. The students enjoy the ensuing laughter too… and are making great progress.

String Pals needs your help!

This unique program has run into one snag – the cost of instruments and music. Despite the efforts of several members of the orchestra at repairing violins scavenged from basements and even the Carling dump, there aren’t enough to go around.

How can you help? We are seeking funds to pay for music, instrument rental, bows and clinicians for these Parry Sound students, many of whom come from families whose budgets are already stretched to the maximum. While some are able to pay, and the class itself is free, many can only afford partial or minimal fees for instrument rental. With shoulder rests, strings, instrument rental, rosin and special clinician’s fees it costs about $1200 per student for the year long program. The orchestra would like to provide complete instrument scholarships for needy students that include a weekly private lesson, and reduce the cost for others.

The Whispering River Community Orchestra and String Pals are projects of the Ardeleana Chamber Music Society, a locally based Registered Canadian Charity working in the cultural sector since 1987. Tax receipts are given for donations of $20 or more.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • $1200 pays for a needy student for the year
  • $400 rents a double bass
  • $300 rents a cello (not many of these being discarded at the dump!)
  • $175 pays for a viola
  • $150 pays for a violin
  • $50 defrays the cost of a set of strings, special clinicians, bow hair and field trips.
  • $20 buys a young violinist rosin, music books or a shoulder rest.

If you can help with a donation of funds, or volunteer organizational time or a special skill, or have an instrument to donate or loan, please email or call Whispering River Music Studio at 705 996 0736.

Please call 705 996 0736 or email us.

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